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TechPlusMoney provides you the best information about How to Start a Blog. Here you will get the most useful Legit Ways to Create a Successful Blog.

If you have a Blog website and you want to Earn Money With Blogging so start with our Make Money With Blogging in 2019.

Do you passionate about blogging? then believe me nothing is the best to convert your normal life into a luxury lifestyle.

Are you thinking to create a successful blog, you need to create your blog website with full confidence and as a professional blogger.

First of all, you need the patience to get success because there is no miracle to get quick success in blogging.

Best Web Hosting Plans to Create a Blog

Become a Successful Blogger

Here is the some bullet point to create a successful blog:-

  • Choose a profitable topic.
  • Write helpful & unique content.
  • Consistency is key.
  • Proper use of social media.

Choose a Profitable topic

Before Create Your Blog, you have to sure about your blog niche because if you are not sure about your blog niche then you can not start your blogging career as a successful blogger.

If you want to get success in blogging then you need to be a active person also you need to know every trending things in the world.

Here I am telling you some Blogging niche which is profitable for Create a Blog –

  • Travel
  • Health & Fitness
  • Recipes
  • Product Review
  • Funny Stories

Blogging Tips

Create a Successful Blog (Travel Blog)

Travel is a popular topic for online searches because most of people love traveling.

Create a Successful Blog
Create a Successful Blog

If you are thinking, blogging is easy and you have overconfidence about getting a quick success then it all is an illusion

Health & Fitness

If you love the gym and also you have writing skills then you can start a Health & Fitness blog.

Every people wants to wake up with six-pack abs.

Write honest and helpful content you have to sure about health and fitness blog because you can not write wrong information about health and fitness.

So you need to write true information and it should be helpful for readers.


This niche is the especially for women it doesn’t mean the man can not write on Recipe blog.

Recipes Blog
Recipes Blog

Every woman love cooking so this is the best way to Earn Money From Home.

Recipes are great way to draw traffic to your blog.

If you are an expert in cooking different types of the recipe and you have some time to write then it is a great opportunity to earn money.

You can earn money just writing about Recipes only you have to describe about recipes steps in simple way.

Product Review

It is another way to drive traffic to your blog and it is compulsory if you are getting high traffic on your blog then you will also earn good money.

If your blog is about product review and services then you have to another option to monetize your blog.

By linking product pages through affiliate links, you can monetize your blog.

Funny Stories

Funny Stories is the great platform to get high traffic on your blog.

Because most of the peoples search on internet about funny stories meme etc.

This is one of the niche which will get high traffic surely.

Write Unique Content

So now we are talking about Content, I will suggest you if you are thinking to get success in blogging then the content is the one solution for Create a Successful Blog.

When you create a simple and helpful content for your users, you basically cover in-depth solutions to their problems.

Unique content is key to get success in blogging.

You have to craft a headline that is both informative and will capture the reader’s attention.

An image is also an important part so use copyright free image to enhance your post.

Content is King
Content Writing

Write a catchy Title for your blog post because Title is the first thing to users read. Blog title should be related to your blog post and be honest to write a title only mention these things which you are writing in your whole post.

Remember some important things before write a blog:-

  • About Page
  • Contact Page
  • Privacy Policy Page
  • Term & Condition Page
  • Know Your Audience
  • Write Unique Content
  • Write user friendly article


If you are thinking, blogging is easy and you have overconfidence about getting a quick success then it all is an illusion because no one can become a famous blogger overnight.

It is the power of consistency that continue to help them grow and expand.


Blogging is the only way where you can earn unlimited money. There is no limit to earn money. Follow these steps to become a successful blogger in 2019.



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