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Did You know you can Earn Money Online using your phone, laptop & Desktop?

You should have a computer or phone with a good internet connection. So in this article, I am going to tell you Top 5 platforms where you can actually start Earning Money Online.

Start Earn Money Online

If you are serious and want to do it as a full-time job then you can Earn good money on the internet. There are many different types of websites where you can earn money in different-different amounts. You can earn 100 dollars in a day but it all depends on your skills and on your work strength.

There are two types of income which you can generate by doing work on the internet.

  • Active Income
  • Passive Income
Make Money on Internet

Active Income:

There your income will depend on the work you do. If you will not work you can not Earn Money.

It means when you work for someone at that time only you get paid. So don’t work hard on active income.

Passive Income:

This is the best way to earn a good income. Passive income is where you will put your work once and you will generate income for a lifetime.

Now I’m going to tell you about some important platforms where you can earn good money.

Earn Money With Upwork

It is a website where you can work as a freelancer. You get paid for your service. There are many services that you can select any one on the Upwork.

  • Content Writing
  • Video Editing
  • App Dovelepment
  • Web Designing
  • Photo Editing
  • Interior Designing
  • 3D Designing
  • Modeling
  • Excel Services

There are so many options for working online as a freelancer. It is the best way to Earn Money Online. You have to choose a topic at you are good.

Create your excellent profile and describe your services in the best way on Upwork. Your Upwork profile is the most important to get success on Upwork. If your profile is not a professional then people will not hire you.

You need to register yourself on this website after that people will give you a project and you have to complete that in a limited period. You get paid for completing every single project.

Your earning will be depend on your experience and work quality. If you are an expert in your field then you can earn unlimited money from this website.

The first impression is the last impression so make your profile good looking. Describe your services and also mention your charges. You can earn good money using this platform only you have to do your best.


YouTube is the trend for making money online. Every people wants to start their YouTube channel.

Make Money on youtube is not hard, only you have to upload unique content. YouTube is an interesting way to Earn Money Online because there you can upload any types of videos but your videos should be unique videos.

Start a YouTube Channel and Earn Money
Start a YouTube Channel

There are some terms and conditions to monetize your YouTube channel so first, you have to complete term and conditions after that you can monetize your YouTube Channel. You can not upload any type of copyright content on your YouTube Channel.

Youtube Monetization

Youtube earning will depend on your work and your content qualities. You can make 100 to 1000 dollars in a month easily.

There are some points that you have to follow to get monetize your youtube channel.

  • Your video should be unique.
  • Don’t upload copyright content on your channel.
  • Video quality should be good.
  • Don’t upload illegal content.
  • Always try to save your channel to get any strike from youtube.
  • Face camera while making videos for youtube.
  • Don’t make & upload slider videos.
  • Use your original voice.
  • Don’t add auto-generated voice in your videos.
  • Upload videos on a regular basis.
  • Try to upload more content on your channel.

You must follow all these things to earn money from youtube. If you will not follow then you can’t earn good money from it. Make sure you are able to upload videos on a regular basis.

With Youtube, what you are earning is passive income because of your videos are available on your channel and you are earning money from it. That means you can say upload a video and earn for a long time from it.

You can also make money with YouTube through paid membership, but with memberships, you will need a large audience on your channel. You need minimum 10k subscribers to start paid membership on your YouTube channel.


If you are thinking Amazon only a website where you can buy anything then you are wrong and I will say you are a dumb person. Because you can Earn Money using Amazon. Yes, I am saying right you can earn good money on Amazon in different ways.

Affiliate Marketing Earn Money
Affiliate Marketing Part Time Job

There are three ways to Earn Money from Amazon:-

  • Amazon Mturk
  • Kindle Book
  • Affiliate Marketing

Amazon Mturk

The first way is Amazon Mturk. It is the kind of like upworks, it is a place where business outsource work that is too difficult for a computer program to do. Such as audio editing and transcribing, translating audio and video from different languages, testing webpages, writing reviews and a whole lot of other services.

You can make as much as 02 to 30 dollar an hour, by working on a few different tasks. Amazon is a big and trusted platform so it is the legit way to Earn Money Online.

Kindle Publishing

The second way is the Kindle publishing. Turn your ideas into an eBook and Earn Money today.

With Kindle You need to sell an eBook on Kindle anyone will purchase an eBook from Amazon you get paid for it. You can either write this book yourself or you can hire someone to write it for you.

You don’t have to be an established author, or find a publishing company to do this. Here You can actually do this from the comfort of your home and start earning some passive income.

It is absolutely free, so signup and start earning money on the biggest platform Amazon.

Affiliate Program

The third way is the Amazon Affiliate Program. It is a very popular and easy way to earn money online.

You will make passive income using affiliate program. All you do is signup to the amazon associate program which is free. After that, you have to pick thousand of stuff Amazon sells on their website and start promoting.

Amazon will give you a special link, and every time someone buys through your link, Amazon will give you a commission.

You will find a different commission rate on different types of product category.

Amazon will pay you 60 days after purchase and you can choose to be paid either through Amazon gift cards, wire transfer to a bank account.

Start a Blog

Here are the few steps which are the most important to Start a Blog.

  1. Blog Niche.
  2. Select the Blogging Platform.
  3. Pick a Domain name & Hosting for your Blog.
  4. Design your Blog.
  5. Write your first Blog Post
  6. Monetize your Blog.
  7. Start Making Money with Your Blog.

Blog Niche

Finding the right niche is the most important part to Start a Blog. Firstly, Choose a blog niche according to your interest, find your passion and write about what you know.

However, there is high competition in blogging so you have to choose low competition Blog Niche. If you want to make good money with your Blog, you need to choose a profitable Blog Niche.

Before choosing a Blog Niche you have to search everything about that Blog Niche. Choose a Blog Niche according to your passion because it is very important to write unique and long content.

Choose a Blog Niche according to your passion, because it is very important to write unique and long content. If you will not be passionate about your blog, you can not get success in blogging.

There are many blogging platforms where you can create your blog like Blogger, WordPress, Wix, etc.

Most of the bloggers start their Blog on WordPress Platform. There are many reasons why most peoples use WordPress to Start a blog.

  • WordPress is free
  • Easy to create Blog Post
  • Plugins
  • Free Themes

WordPress is the best platform for building a powerful website, you can easily create your blog on WordPress and you can make your blog better using different types of plugins.

Earn Money with Blogginh
Start a Blog

WordPress is a free software where you can design your Websites. You need to buy a domain and hosting for using WordPress Platform.

Conclusion: These all are the legit and trusted ways to Earn Money Online. You can Earn good money using these platforms on the internet. So go and signup on your favorite website and start earning money online.


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