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First of all, you have to make sure that you really want to do Online Jobs from home. Most students want to do Online Jobs from Home Without any Investment.

Online Jobs From Home

In this article, I am going to tell you how people have been working on Online Jobs from Home without Any Investment and earning good money by working online.

You will find many platforms to earn money through online jobs but today I will tell you such a reliable platform, with which you can earn good money without any investment

.So let’s start to Earn Money with some Online Jobs from Home :-

Ad Posting Online Jobs

Ad posting job is the most popular Online Jobs that you can start in India without any investment.

This is the easy ways to earn money online because here you can use automatic ad posting software and don’t take tension about account suspended.

You can use automatic ad posting software without getting suspended.

Click Photo

If you love photography then it is the easy Online Job without investment.

You do not need to purchase any expensive DSLR camera you can click photos just using your smartphone.

There are many platforms where you can upload your click photos :-


It is a great platform to sell stock photos. When you upload a photo you make 50% on each sale.


For Fotomoto follow some bullet points

  • Quality Matters
  • Colorful Products
  • Professional Packaging
  • Your Business, Your Products


It is free to use you can turn your photos into money.

It allows to you upload your photo collection and sell to them. You can get your rewarded in Paypal account.


Here you can create your photos website.

PhotoShelter is allowed to you customize your template for sharing the photos.

There are multiple plans with different features you can purchased with monthly and yearly plans.

If you are beginner then i will suggest you to buy monthly plan.

However, You have to buy a space where you can store your photos like when you purchased hosting for Start a Blog.


If you love traveling then this online job is the best for you. This platform is the best for travel photographers.

Many travel agencies and tour company earning good money by doing this online job.

Traveler photographers upload their photos on the Tourphotos and get paid for every photo sell.

Test App and Websites

This is the easy Online Job to earn money without any investment.

It is the easiest and quick way to make money online.

You get paid for every feedback. Companies need feedback on their website and they will pay you to get it.

In these bullet points I am going to tell you some reputable websites for test app and websites :-


According to UserFeel it is a usability testing tool that gives you videos of real users speaking their thoughts as they use your website and app.

User Testing is available for any device such as Mobile, Desktop, Tablet.


Share your experience and get paid.

While using Analysia you will get paid for every opinion. You will get paid for every opinion.

This platform pays you $10 for every opinion which can be 10 to 10 minute long.

Instagram Marketing Online Job

In this Online Job you can earn money by creating sponsorship post.

Firstly, You need to gain your Instagram followers to Earn Money for this online job.

You can earn huge money by creating sponsored posts for brand however, your earning will be depend on your popularity, engagements and demographics etc.

Blogging Online Job

Blogging is the great and most popular online job to earn huge money.

Start your career as a blogger is the great decisions to earn money with blogging.

You need to complete some important things before start a blog:-

  1. Blog Niche.
  2. Select the Blogging Platform.
  3. Pick a Domain name & Hosting for your Blog.
  4. Design your Blog.
  5. Write your first Blog Post
  6. Monetize your Blog.
  7. Start Making Money with Your Blog.

Following these steps you can easily start your blog.


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