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Are you a Blogger and want to Rank your Website ?

In this paragraph, you will able to understand all SEO Tips to Create a Successful Blog. Nowadays Blogging is the common things for Make Money Online. So today I will tell you Awesome Tips for Rank Your Website in Google.

Search Engine Optimization is the process to optimize your website for search engine which helps Rank Your Website.

Blogging can change your life because these SEO Tips can give you more Traffics for your Website.

Best Seo Tips For Rank Your Website

Firstly, you need to work hard to Rank Your Website on the first page of Google, Bing or Yahoo.

Secondly, every single post should be SEO Friendly so you can make your website SEO friendly.


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SEO Tips Content:-

  • Optimize page titles and meta descriptions.
  • Use SEO friendly URLs.
  • Make easy read headings.
  • Internal Links to your content.
  • Add SEO friendly images to your website.
  • Improve your page speed.
  • Add your website in Search Console.
  • Get backlinks from other websites.
  • Focus on your content.
  • Create a sitemap for your website.

Lets start with the Awesome SEO Tips for Rank Your Website:

Optimize Page Title & Description

Page title is the first thing you need to add SEO friendly page title.

Page title is the very important thing for Google Search Engine Optimization.

It helps to Rank your Website and your page title should be catchy and SEO friendly.

Here are the main things you need to follow to create your page title:-

  • You have to create a unique page title for every page that fully describe your page content.
  • Don’t use extra words, use the only useful word.
  • Use main keywords in your page title.
Page Title
Example Page Title

You can make exactly this type of fully SEO friendly page title for your website.

However, you need to remember your page title must be described your whole content of that page.

If we talk about page description then the page description is also a very important part of your website. Page description helps Google to understand what the page is about.

Page description is a summary of your full page content that describe the google and all people to understand what the post is about.

There is a limitation to create a meta description for your pages so it can be written only in between 150-155 words.

Don’t repeat the title in the meta description.

Provide unique description for your all pages of website.

So these are the first things you have to do with your website.

Use SEO friendly URLs

Your all URLs should be SEO friendly URLs.

Use simple and easy to understand URLs for search engine and users but don’t use lengthy URLs for your website.

Your URLs should be informative don’t use unnecessary URLs.

URLs for your website

This is the image of my page URLs which is the SEO friendly URLS. You also have to make this type of URL.

Here is the some examples for bad or good URLs:-

Example of Good URL


Example of Bad URL


Heading Optimization

Formatting is also important for your website. You can not Rank your Website without proper heading.

  1. You need to use SEO friendly heading which describes your paragraph.
  2. Your title tag should be in h1 tags.
  3. Use h2 tags for the main heading for your post.
  4. Don’t use the same headings for every paragraph.
  5. Use Italic and Bold text in your post.

Internal Links

Internal links means you are linking your other pages link in to present page.

In simple ways you can say internal links is the process where you add links to your page that points to other pages within the website.

If you will use correct interlinking then you can get more traffic for your website.

Internal Links
Internal Links

This is the way how I use Internal Links for my website. You can also use this way for your website Internal Links.

Interlinking is the most important factor for the SEO purpose.

Here are the four correct ways to use interlinking:-

  1. Link related articles to your post like if your post is about SEO then you should link SEO related post within your website.
  2. Your link should be useful for the both user and easy to understand by search engines.
  3. Use internal links that help the user nevigate the site better.
  4. Do not use spam links, use proper links that is link to your website.

Image Optimization

You know your website image is the also part of SEO. Image SEO can be better help to increase visitor to your post.

Image optimization is the important for SEO and page speed is also matter for image optimization.

Because if you will use high storage image the you website can be slowdown.

Use Alt Text to describe the image. You can use keyword related to your website but don’t do keyword stuffing.

Here is the some bullet point for SEO image optimization:-

  • Use a unique image that is page relevant
  • Use the best quality images
  • Reduce the image size
  • Include a caption with your image
  • Utilize the “Alt Text” for image optimization

Improve Page Speed

According to the google page speed is the ranking factor for your website.

If your website speed is slow then the user can be irritating to your website. Fast speed improves the user experience and it is a factor to encourage the visitor to come again.

Page speed is helps to you rank better in search result, get more page visit per user and get more conversions.

Page speed depend on how you are mangaing your websites and which type of plugins you are using.

If you are using unnecessary plugins then you should remove that all plugins.

You need to optimize the size of your images. There are many page speed analyzer tools available which help to you optimize your images.

If you will use these tools so it will help you to make your website easier and better for users.

There are many tools and website available for analyze your website speed.

Add Website in Webmaster Tool

Webmaster Tool is used for index your website in google. Here you can submit your website to index.

Webmaster tools also allows to analyze your web traffic. You can visit the webmaster and get valuable information about your website.

Google and Bing both have webmatser tool where you can submit your website.

Here is the some benefits of Webmaster Tool:-

  • It allows to you how visitors find your website.
  • It tell to search engine about your website.
  • How much time people spend on your pages.
  • What keywords they use.

Get Backlinks

When we talk about SEO we con not avoid mentioning link building. This is term of Off-page SEO.

  • Write Guest Posts on related websites
  • Blog Commenting

Creating backlinks is too hard you need to build backlink with patience.

Guest Post on popular site is the common method to get backlinks so do guest post on daily basis.

Write unique and informative guest posts on other websites.

Focus on Content

I told you content is the king for SEO. Content is the only one which is the most important for a website SEO.

Write your content according to what you mentioned in the page title. Suppose that your page title is “How to Earn Money Online” then you need to perfect description about “Earn Money Online

Write plagiarism free content and check your spellings and grammar mistakes.

Provide links within your content to other pages on your site to get more information.

Upload fresh content on your page because Google doesn’t rank and approve your copyright content that’s why you have to upload fresh and unique content.

Check Competitor’s Backlinks

This is a very important task that you need to analyze the backlink of your competitors.

If you will check backlink of your competitors then you will able to know everything about your competitor because you can check where your competitor guest posting.

You can easily rank your website on google through backlinks because backlinks are the most important factor for website ranking.

If your website has a large number of backlinks it means your website has a large number of visitors.

There are many tools where you can monitor your backlinks and also can monitor your competitor’s backlinks. You can easily know where your competitor getting backlinks.

The tools will provide you the information including where your competitor guest posting, which sites your competitors are getting reviews etc.

Create Sitemap

If we talk about sitemap, it is the list of all pages/posts on your website.

There are two types of sitemap :-

  • XML
  • HTML

XML Sitemap

It acts as a roadmap of your website which leads Google to all your important pages. XML sitemap to submit to Google, Bing and other search engines.

HTML Sitemap

HTML sitemaps to help visitors find your content easier. The purpose of html sitemap is help the user find information on your site easier and quicker.

In Conclusion:-
These steps are enough to start your blogging career and rank your website on google. You can easily start a blog and can make your successful website because I have mentioned Best Seo Tips for Rank Your Website.


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