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Hey, are you looking for some Small Business Ideas?

Then stop here!

If you are dedicated to your work then making money is not a big deal. If you are going to Start your Business then first you have to keep in mind that no work is worthless.

Great Small Business Ideas

In this article, I am going to tell you small business ideas that is enough for your startup.

Firstly, you have to remove some negative points from your mind :-

  • I don’t have much money to Start a Business.
  • I don’t have so much time to Start a Business.
  • This work does not suit us.

If you think of all these things in your mind before starting business then you will never be able to succeed in your business.

Best Ways to Earn Money From Home.

Now I am telling you some great and low investment business ideas which can give you a good startup.

  • Clothes Sell
  • Tempered for Mobile
  • Water Supply

Clothes Selling Business Idea

Cloth selling is the great and most profitable small business idea. If you do this work with full dedication, then you can make good money from this business.

Now listen carefully about how you have to do this work effectively and how to get more profit?

I give you an example of jeans sale:-

Firstly, You have to search for a shop or factory which is providing you jeans at very low prices.

Clothe Business
Clothe Business

After that you have to buy jeans from there according to your budget.

Now suppose if you are purchasing jeans 80 rs per piece then you can easily sell that on 250 rs per piece.

It means if you are selling a minimum of 50 jeans in a day then you will earn 8500 rs per day and I think it is the best and best earning for a common man.

Income Calculate

Now calculate your monthly income:-

1 Day Profit 170*50 = 8500

30 Day Profit 8500*30 = 255000

Just think how you can earn a lot of money from these small businesses.

If you will minus your all expenses then also you will earn good profit.

So this is the first small business idea from my side and i hope you will like it and also you can start it with very low investment.

Tempered Selling Business Idea

It is the high demanded business.

Most of the people using smartphones and every person who is using a smartphone they also use tempered for security purpose.

This business can be some difficult in starting time.

First of all, in this business, you have to do the same to find the cheapest supplier.

Mobile Tempered Business
Mobile Tempered Business

After that you have to sell your tempered by going to the market.

Now let me tell you how you can earn good profit from this small business.

You need to find small shopkeepers who works on installing tempered on mobile phones.

You can easily sell your tempers to the shopkeepers with good profit.

If you will buy tempered in bulk then you can earn good profit.

Let’s check the profit calculation :-P

  • Buy bulk tempered @ 8 Rs per piece.
  • Sell tempered to the shopkeepers @ 10 Rs per piece.

It means you are earning 2 Rs at per piece.

I am damn sure you will definitely earn good profit without any doubt.

Here is the one truth if you will sell tempered to the shopkeepers they will definitely buy more than 20 piece and they can maximum purchase 200-500 piece.

Suppose! if you will sell 100 piece to minimum 10 shopkeppers then you profit will be 2000 per day.

  • Your minimum selling quantity 1000 per day.
  • Your profit is 2 rs per piece.
  • Total profit is 1000×2 = 2000 per day.
  • Monthly Income is 2000×30 = 60,000 per month.

I think this is the good income for a person who just start their small business.

Water Supply Business Idea

It is the another best small business idea that you can start in local area and also can earn good profit with this small business idea.

This business is successful in industrial area or apartments.

Water Supply Business
Water Supply Business

There are two things-

First, you are living in an industrial area then you can earn more profit because if you are living there then you do not need to purchase any special space to start that business.

Secondly, If you are living in other areas and you want to start this business then you have to purchase a space for start water supply business.

So in second thing you need to invest some extra money than first thing because their you do not need to purchase any space o you can start it from home.

In an industrial area, you will find so many companies so you can supply your water and can earn a good profit.

Here you need a tempo to start you business.

Conclusion :-

These business ideas is the very low investment business ideas that can give you the more profit. You can choose one business and start your business with theses small ideas in very low investments.


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